Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are encouraged to visit the school while it is in session. The goal of this visit is to determine whether Pathways For Learning can meet the needs of the individual child and the family’s expectations. We strive to develop collaboration with families in order to support the home-school-child relationship. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will visit the school and meet with the Director prior to admission. The Parent Handbook, which includes statement of purpose, services, procedures for parent conferences, visits and input, referral policy, procedures relating to children’s records and procedures for emergency health care, will be provided at orientation. When a parent decides to enroll his/her child in the school, the following items are to be submitted:
  • Nonrefundable registration fee
  • Nonrefundable first installment on tuition
  • Completed “Child Information” form
  • Signed letter of commitment
Prior to child’s first day of school, the following items are to be submitted:
  • Developmental History
  • Signed Authorizations page, to be renewed annually
  • Signed form by physician indicating physical examination, to be renewed annually, immunization record, and lead screening which is drawn at 3 years of age
When scheduling, our first obligation is to the children currently enrolled at the school. These families are asked by December to express their preferences of days for the following year. Our next aim is to create a balanced classroom with regard for gender, age, and diversity. Consideration is then given to applicants: who are siblings of children currently enrolled; siblings of children previously enrolled; and finally to new families. Within any of these groups with all other factors equal and the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings a lottery will be held.
No child shall be discriminated on the basis of family’s culture, religion, sexual orientation, race, or the child’s stage of toilet training.