Our Philosophy

Respect is the foundation of everything that we do. The teachers respect each other as professionals and work together as a team. This respect is modeled for the children and in turn they are respectful toward each other. We also teach respect for the environment, our classroom and the world around us. The children may not be able to define respect in words but they will experience it.

Teachers play a vital role in the growth and school experiences of each child by acting as both a facilitator and model. They facilitate your child’s ability to resolve challenges, both social and educational. They model language and problem solving. These approaches allow your child to observe, practice, and receive feedback which all lead to his or her success.

The multi-age classroom provides an opportunity for the children to celebrate their differences and to be leaders. We know that each of our children are unique and special. In an environment where that is acknowledged and honored, the children can take pride in who they are and what they do. The range of developmental stages is not just reflected in chronological age. This range allows children to take leadership roles under circumstances where they have strengths independent of their age.

Children who receive positive reinforcement are proud of their accomplishments, but more importantly, are proud of themselves. When children have confidence in who they are and believe in their own intelligence, they will be strong individuals who will learn from everything they do.