Our Program

The classroom is arranged in learning stations: reading, dramatic play, art, writing, small manipulatives, blocks, puzzles, science, etc., and are an extension of our thematic curriculum, are integrated and are overlapping. There is an emphasis on creative expression and problem solving. The daily schedule is a balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities, individual, small, and whole group work, fine and gross motor activities, indoor and outdoor play, and quiet as well as active time.

In recognition of every child’s capacity for all intelligences, we provide opportunities that support the development and use of each intelligence. As a result, each child is allowed to grow to his or her greatest potential.

Our underlying belief that learning happens as a result of interactions between and among children as well as between children and adults impacts our program. Our mixed-age grouping allows children, to benefit from a rich environment of both peers and adults. Recognizing the importance of the teacher-child ratio, there are four teachers for a maximum of 20 children.